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To our Loyal Customer Family,

We here at Stilly Select Beef owe everything to you! By partnering with schools, food banks, and other local programs we make sure that we are doing all that we can to give back to our community and leave a lasting, positive impact. We put a lot of love into our cows; almost enough to where you can taste it! From all of us here, thank you for inviting us into your kitchens and onto your tables.  We hope to be part of all of your best meals!

- Andrew Albert

Co-Owner,  Stilly Select Beef 

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The way beef was meant to be.

Our cows are grass fed and grass finished, which translates to highest quality, best tasting, and healthiest meat. Stop by our store and try some for yourself.

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Better Together

Andrew Albert, owner of Andrew's Hay, always had the idea of selling local beef that was raised entirely on his feed, and at his farm. After much thought, he asked his longtime friend Ryan Neubauer to partner with him, and Stilly Select Beef was born. 

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Why does our beef taste so good?

The secret to having mouth-watering unbelievable delicious beef isn't just our high breeding standards, but our passion for providing the highest quality food for our cattle.

Just Stop By

You could be eating our incredibly delicious steaks, or juicy hamburgers for dinner tonight. Just stop by our store anytime during business hours and pick up something to throw on your grill. You will not be disappointed.

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