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Welcome to Stilly Select Beef

Stilly Select Beef is proud to be available EXCLUSIVELY at Andrews Hay! Our fully grass-fed and grass-finished beef is like nothing you’ll ever try! Want to make a good impression during a family dinner? Want to surprise your friends with the best BBQ they’ve ever had? Looking to surprise that special meat lover in your life with a prime cut they’ll never forget? Try our grass fed beef, available ONLY at Andrews Hay store front at:

4304 SR 530 Arlington, WA 98223

We are open 7 days a week 10-6


Stilly Select Beef cattle are a Braunveih, Angus cross. The genetics of these animals provide superior marbling in the beef cuts which translates to a much better tasting product. Our animals are all raised on Andrews Hay for the ultimate pairing of genetics and feed! We carry all cuts ranging from your New York Steaks to your Ground Beef needs!

Grass FeD

Andrew's Hay produces some of the best hay you'll ever see. That's why our cattle are exclusively raised on Andrew's Hay. Many beef brands are "grass fed finshed"; a fancy way of saying the cattle may have had a poor diet up until being grass fed. Not ours. There is no substitute for a good diet and it shows through the flavor!                                       


Raised right here in Arlington Washington, in pastures right next to Andrews Hay Farms. Wave at the cattle as you leave the store! We pride ourselves on providing goods and services to our community, which is extremely important to us! That’s why we have partnered with one of the best herdsmen and a great friend to create a better product and provide a better service to our neighbors.


Every one of our cattle that make it to the butcher are processed, inspected, and packaged in a local USDA facility. Our amazing one-of-a-kind beef being packaged at a small local plant ensures a more intimate and thorough inspection of our product for your peace of mind!

Beef cow advertizing grass fed, grass finished beef.

Buy the Whole Cow and Save

Not only do we carry all cuts of beef, but we are now selling beef as wholes or halves for $5.50 / lb.

  • $1000 deposit per half

  • Includes cut and wrap

  • Butcher dates: Sept/Oct

  • Approx. cost for half: $1375 - $1925

  • Approx. cost for whole: $2750 - $3850

Stop by and put a deposit down to reserve your beef!

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The way beef was meant to be.

Our cows are grass fed and grass finished, which translates to highest quality, best tasting, and healthiest meat. Stop by our store and try some for yourself.

Farmers in front of a car in a field talking about grass-feb beef

Better Together

Andrew Albert, owner of Andrew's Hay, always had the idea of selling local beef that was raised entirely on his feed, and at his farm. After much thought, he asked his longtime friend Ryan Neubauer to partner with him, and Stilly Select Beef was born. 

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Why does our beef taste so good?

The secret to having mouth-watering unbelievable delicious beef isn't just our high breeding standards, but our passion for providing the highest quality food for our cattle.

Just Stop By

You could be eating our incredibly delicious steaks, or juicy hamburgers for dinner tonight. Just stop by our store anytime during business hours and pick up something to throw on your grill. You will not be disappointed.

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