Stilly Select Beef
is located at:
Andrew's Hay on hwy 530
(mid-way between I-5 & hwy 9)

Store Hours:

  Mon - Fri 10 to 6

Saturday 9 to 5

 Sunday  10 to 4

Our Story

While there are other beef suppliers in the county, their beef can come from wherever.

At Stilly Select Beef the quality is assured, since we control the whole process.

Andrew Albert, owner of Andrew's Hay, always had the idea of selling local beef that was raised entirely on his feed, and at his farm. He knew this had been tried before and his idea had to have a fresh take. After much thought, he asked his longtime friend Ryan Neubauer to partner with him, and Stilly Select Beef was born. Ryan grew up on his grandpa's farm in Snohomish and quickly grew to love working with cows. He later started a successful construction company NCE, where he works primarily in Seattle on steep hill side jobs.

But Ryan’s heart remained on the farm, so when Andrew approached him about starting a beef operation to compliment Andrew's Hay, he jumped on board! Their similar personalities and unstoppable drive, will grow Stilly Select to be a premier provider of beef to their families and community.

Mission Statement

Stilly Select Beef strives to grow premium grade beef through quality feeds and cow
comfort. We also take it one step further by investing in old world genetics with our
Braunvieh breeding. Our Braunvieh genetic lines span hundreds of years and originated
in Switzerland. This breed thrives on a 100% grass diet, which translates to highest
quality, best tasting, and healthiest meat.

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